AMAZING!!! I found out last minute that there was a condemnation hearing on my home and I was never contacted by the city. I called the Geary Law Firm the day before the hearing and spoke to Mrs Penland. Within 20 minutes I was in contact with Mr Geary and told that I could come immediately to the office. Upon my arrival, I spoke to Mrs Geary and was immediately put to ease. She had already looked into the matter and was able to provide me with much needed information. She placed phone calls, told me she'd get me some answers and agreed to go to the court hearing the following day. Within the hour Mrs Geary called me back with a resolution. Truly amazing. I called the firm a little after 9am and before lunch the whole matter was resolved. Mrs Geary met me at the court house the next day and everything went exactly as she said. I have NEVER had such a great experience with ANY legal matter before. Highly recommend!!! Call these guys first. I'm glad I did.

ANDREY MATVEYCHUK, October 7, 2017. 

It was truly a pleasure having Kelsey representing my case. Her promptness and the amount of times she personally made herself available to meet with me and gathered answers has surpassed my expectations! Kelsey was very professional and compassionate yet still managed to express empathy towards my hardship. I would highly recommend anyone to this law firm. Her paralegal also was kind-hearted and available in case Kelsey wasn’t. Kudos

SHAMOI ELMES, October 23, 2017.

The Geary Law Firm is awesome. They are all courteous and professional. Mr. Geary is a BEAST in the courtroom. Trust me when I say that there is no better person to have on your side but him. The only way to describe him is like a silent lion. He watches and absorbs the entire scene, then when they think they got him he tells your truth and finds justice. The Geary Law Firm is filled with pure excellence.

- COLETTE BURNETT, July 10, 2018.